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Aluminum thermal break technology has been a crystal ball preemptive response to our collective mindset of eliminating
excess energy and take part in initiatives that reduce green house gas emissions. In addition to energy savings, the
products have a high level of structural performance, have substantial acoustic reduction, are flame retardant, durable,
maintenance free, and burglar proof.


We manufacture windows for residential, commercial buildings, and distinguished homes across the globe. Our factories each
have 15+ years of experience in aluminum framing, producing over 15 million square feet of product annually.
Modernist is a collaboration between Tommy Nathan and a pool of Industry Leaders in 4 countries.

The Factory group brings unparalleled access to superior products, latest design technology, remarkable pricing, and fastest delivery options.
In addition to product design, Tommy adds 25 years of sourcing experience, emphasised on quality assurance and social compliance
to bring a diverse level of top expertise in the market place.

As the global volume of new construction progresses at this historic pace, the residential and commercial space clientele will continue to have
more discerning demands. Modernist Windows strives to enable developers to stay ahead of this competitive landscape with
superior product and value to their bottom line. We work with top facade architects and designers to fabricate the most effective products and cost solutions for our clients.

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